Ebay Scam Artists

So I’m trying to sell shoes right. My first attempt was Ebay. No luck. So I went on there today to take a look at my competition. One of the first shoes I saw I remember seeing on a wholesaler website for X amount – they were selling it for the same amount. They must be gouging on the the shipment. Ah, the shipping wasn’t too bad. So how are they making any money, I wondered? Well maybe they are  actually the wholesaler or they bought thousands of these shoes at a cheap price.

So I dug a little deeper. Wow! 95+ customers, all 5 stars! They must amazing! They happen to sell about 20 pairs a day, some people buying more then one shoe. It’s very hard for me to believe that these many people are buying these many shoes in one day.  So I decided to dig some more. I clicked on one ‘buyer’ and on their reviews I saw that they had 11 reviews from on paticular ‘seller’ on the same day. Well that must mean that they bought 11 pairs of shoes from that seller on that day (or received them anyways) and had left their review on the sellers site. No such thing.

It’s a scam! So I only have one star and one customer and I get tossed to the side while these scam artists are ripping people off…or at least trying to. There are some negative comments on there too. Like they never received their shoes and having a problem getting refund.

Please people be careful with whatever you buy. And I hope these people get caught. But I’m not a tattle tail, they’ll pay their dues one day.


One thought on “Ebay Scam Artists

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