So what do I stand for?

My motto: Stand up for something and look good doing it.

So what do I stand for?

The advancement of our society and the progression of our “race”.

I don’t care about animals, sorry people. Yeah I feel bad for them when they are abused and what have you but they are just animals, you know that right? They were put here for our survival not for us to protect them from ourselves. Yeah it sucks when they get killed to make clothes and stuff but I think teaching our kids and helping each other advance is more important. Stop fighting and start working together.

I have sympathy for everyone in all situations. I believe that we are products of our environments. We are thrown into a world which our parents (and the people that they bring into our lives, dr’s, teachers etc.) are the main focus and examples. Adults have issues sometimes and they pass those things down to us. And sometimes we learn to change and grow and sometimes we get stuck repeating those same things.  I believe that we can be free of all this “junk” through (yes I am a Jesus freak) our lord thy god (year 1) . Extend your hand with your heart in it and pass some knowledge. Talk and engage one another.

I am not talking about letting people walk all over you. I am not talking about being gullible and believing every Tom, Dick, and Harry. We need to restore balance in our society.

But if everything was perfect it would be heaven wouldn’t it? Then what would be the point.

But I progress.

I also hate politics – I am sick and tired of people turning to the government for mistakes that people make. They can not control and stop harmful things happening. It all starts in the home.  Shit happens – deal with it!


Jesus with children, early 1900s Bible illustr...

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