So Much For That!

I love, love my husband! But he messed up my computer. I told him to fix it because it was running super super slow. Now, it runs super super fast – but the printer is not working! So much for my genius plan to hand write my blogs. Back to the hoe hum life of tip-a-tapping on the keyboard. I told him I wouldn’t complain – because that is why he was hesitante to do it in the first place. So I batted my eyes and said

I promise I won’t complain

So I’m complaining to you. Don’t tell him I said anything. I’m just going to bat my eyes, again. Till next time America…

Still have not received my dace dress  that I won through style section la – SAD FACE. But that is no excuse.

*Blare the trumpets* My mission this week is to go out somewhere and actually wear some heels . So crazy that I am selling heels but don’t take the time to actually wear some. I need to break out my  routine and have some fun with my girls, dress up and look pretty.


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