Unique Feet

So ladies or gents…who has trouble finding the shoes they like?

Kristina told me that she has a friend who has tiny feet – 5.5 – and shops online for most of her shoes since most stores start at 6.

But what about the other end – bigger feet. I looked on Ebay to see how the market is. I put size 12 and all I saw were a bunch of porn-like shoes. Either halloween costume shoes or some with low heels like my grandma would wear. But what about some of the more cuter newer styles? Anyways, looked on the wholesale shoes sites and they only go up to 10 in the cases they sell. I’m sure if I go Downtown I can find some bigger. But are there people out there that would buy them???

5 thoughts on “Unique Feet

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  2. I wear an 11 as that is the best I can get. A 11.5 would be better, 11.5W would be best, or in some cases a 12. I miss out on some great heels just for the fact of them only coming in sizes up to 10 and in some styles I have to have a 12. It really sucks. But I figure I can at least see them on some hot gals… 😉

    • I’m trying to see if there is a market for them. I mean how is it with heels? Would a size 12 – 6 inch heel be comfortable or still look good?

      • Absolutly!!! I have several 6 inch heels, some size 12 (Most comfortable) and some size 11 (comfortable for the most part just a little tight depending on the style) 😉

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