Karl Lagerfeld

I have heard of this man before but never paid him no mind. Yesterday I read this article about him that shed some negative light on him. Now clearly this man is an asshole based on his comments – but to me that is a genius. My husband, was annoyed with my compliment of him because I always rag on him for being “mean” – there is a difference though. I am not in a loving relationship with KL (the fashion yes, the man no). I know my husband as a loving, caring, spiritual man – the rest of the world not so much (apparently, I am married to OJ Simpson via FB =/) . Anyways, this blurb made my ears perk up and wiki the man. Now I know why that bag I just blogged about looks so familiar – dur the man is German! My Buni got that bag from Romania. Maybe I should ask my grandma for that bag – might be worth something.

Wearing sweatpants is defeat. Listen, I love and buy sweatpants and if I could, I would wear them everyday all day – but I get the defeated part. You give up, you don’t want to impress, you don’t want to attract. That is not mean it is just a realistic fact.

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