Pureed Peas

Pureed some peas for the little one today, and she enjoyed them. A neighbor of mine has a little girl and I guess when she was younger she bought a bunch of baby food but her daughter didn’t like them. So she gave me them. I mean there were hundreds of food  jars in there. I have tons of meats still but we went through all the veggies and fruit already. So now it’s time for me to make the food. When Victor was small I didn’t puree that much because I was working part-time and it was difficult to get around to that. But since I am home (and much busier then I have ever been in my life) I will take the time to make my baby some yummy nutritional foods. Found a great website that talks about pureeing and storing baby food. I.E. you can NOT freeze baby food in the Gerber jars…it’s very dangerous!

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