Luke 7:47

In order to strap myself with the right weaponery to defend my self from the evil one I will be memorizing one scripture every week. I will then write here from memory.

Week of September 5th –

Luke 7:47

Therefore I tell you, that all her many sins have been forgiven for she loved much. But he who has been forgiven little loves little.

While I was at the lake this past weekend I meditated on this. The awesome thing about this word is that we should all be filled with so much love because we all sin everyday. One sin is not greater then the other. It is the person who can be honest with themselves and others about all their sins that will really get this word. The man who chooses to deny all his shortcomings will love the lord little because he believes that he has done nothing wrong and therefore he is only forgiven what he chooses to confess. You can not “choose” what you will be forgiven for. Just because you don’t want to admit your mistakes does not mean they do not exist. Everyday surrender yourself to his grace and mercy will be shown.

+- Alpha & Omega -+


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