Probably The Wrong Time

Yay! I am getting ready to lose this weight I keep bitching about! I really wanted to have someone to kind of go through it with via blogging. So I searched weight loss and what do you know…found a gal getting ready to do the same thing. I am so stoked. I usually do weight watchers but don’t know when I will be able to make it. I really don’t care for meetings, I can motivate myself pretty well. I just need to get the calculator thing and figure out my points.

This is probably the worst time to start the diet. Hello, I’ve been craving candy corn since mid-September. I have no idea how I have even avoided buying those huge Halloween bags of candy. Don’t get me started on Christmas and Thanksgiving! Pumpkin pie – breakfast/lunch/dinner – yes please!

Besides my main motivation – vanity, I really need to do this for my health. A lot of members in my immediate family have diabetes. I crave sweet stuff all the freaken time! Not to mention I want to have 2 more babies. There is no way I can add more weight on top of what I have already. Did I mention the baby was 8 pounds when I delivered her! Forget about it, no more out-of-shape, sour patch kid craving pregnancies for this chick!


One thought on “Probably The Wrong Time

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