Not So Bad

So yesterday I conciously thought about what I was eating. I haven’t signed up for weightwatchers but I’ve done it plenty of times before so I’m pretty aware of how much I need to eat. It’s all about portion control. So let me break down what I had ate yesterday.

BTW: I don’t have one of those flexiable tape measures to get all my numbers like my friend Leslie over at 32 To Thin – but here is what I can give you.

Currently as of 10/09/2011 I am 4’11” and 135 – That makes my BMI 27 – Overweight.

Morning: I had a single serving that I weighed out of some cluster-like cereal with 8 oz of 2% milk. I was going to do only 4 oz  but seeing as I am still breastfeeding and I don’t have that much calcium I went for the whole 8.

Snack: String cheese

Lunch: Chicken, Bean, Rice, and Cheese burrito. This was homemade (I usually eat those frozen delicacies). I used the small flour taco burritos. I went easy on the rice and put more beans than anything else.

Snack: Fake Coffee Break. Fake Coffee = instant decaf coffee + tons of white chocolate caramel latte creamer (have you ever tried creamer with some warm milk? It is delicious and so irresistible during the cold winter days)

Snack: I had some mac&chesse leftover from my son’s lunch with a side of grapes, than a bowl of some corn I had just finished cooking for dinner – sounds more like a dinner than a snack right? Ugh

Dinner: 1 fried pork chop (looked horrible when I was cooking it but it was yummy!), baked frozen french fries and another side of corn that my husband didn’t eat.

Snack: 1 1/2 beers while we caught  up on Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire and Dexter.

All in all I think it was a pretty good day.

I am very active during the day. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, running after the kids, and still breastfeeding about 3 times a day (2 if I’m lucky) – so I am being easy on myself, I can’t cut back too much – but I have room.

2 thoughts on “Not So Bad

  1. Hi,

    I found your blog via Tag Surfer, and I just wanted to say well done for today! How long have you been dieting? Do you also exercise?
    Good luck with the weight loss.

    Best wishes,

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