Snickers Is The Devil

Okay, so I think you can figure out that my diet is out the window. Not that I have given up or anything just a temporary hiatus. Ah, who am I kidding. I love food – more specifically I love chocolate! I haven’t had chocolate in days and that first bite into that beautiful snickers bar was like I just took a bite out of heaven.

Alright, so eating in small portions I can do. Choose a piece of fruit over soda I can do (most the time). My main problem is exercise. No I am not one of those people who hates exercising. I actually enjoy it very much. And the more invigorating and painful, the better. My problem is how do I get started? When do I get started?

Problem #1 (excuse #1): I am busy all day with the kids.  I only have a one sitter stroller at the moment. (I scour craigslist for a good double jogger stroller all the time.)

Problem #2 (excuse #2): The hubby likes me to hang out with him in the evenings. Granted, he wouldn’t die if I left for an hour or two – but I feel so bad.

Problem #3 (excuse #3): It’s dark outside. I can’t (don’t want to) spend the money on a Gym pass right now. I love going to a high-school a city over and running on the race track – but it’s getting dark sooner now – and what if I get attacked?!

Please, any abuse slash criticism that can kick me into high gear is much appreciated. Ya, I just gave you permission to make me feel bad!!

PS – I literally just finished that snickers bar (I ate half while I was making my lunch and was saving the rest for later.) Get thee behind me satan!

Okay, I googled snickers image andsince I’ve been doing costumes all week I thought I would continue the theme.

If I saw you at a party wearing this don’t be surprised if you saw me with my arms out like a zombie, drooling, and saying snniicccckkkkeerrssss.

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