Dia De Los Muertos

So as a Christian I know that Halloween is a pagan holiday. No I haven’t done any research and really don’t care to because I get the jist of it. I really haven’t celebrated since I’ve been married because my hubby has a background of not celebrating anything. I have never taken my son Trick or Treating or dressed him up in costume. Oh well, I did 2 years ago…it was just a $5 t-shirt from Wal-Mart that looked like a pirates outfit, it came with a bandanna that was supposed to be tied around his face to make it look like he had a skull mouth. Why in the world they would design something to tie around a toddlers face I have no clue! So since it was a bandanna I just put it around his head, duh! Anyways, he looked like a little gangster to say the least. Here were all these little kids, one boy, same age, dressed like a cute pumpkin – an than there was my thug. But I digress.

As a Christian I know that it’s probably wrong for me to support and encourage such tomfoolery as celebrating a day that celebrates death. But ignorance is bliss, isn’t it. Now as a non-believer you might think to yourself, get over it Jesus freak! I’m just dressing up, eating boat loads of candy, drinking “punch” out of bowl with dry ice, and passing out next to a vampire, I’m not REALLY celebrating the dead. But once you know the truth it’s hard to go backwards.

Simply put the day distracts the focus off of God and onto things that mean nothing. Hanging skulls in the house. Running around trying to put together the best outfit. Knocking on people’s door to get candy (would you knock on someone’s door to tell them about God? Didn’t think so). And lets get to the obvious, it celebrates the Devil. This here my friends is quite the most important. Because as innocent as those cute, glitter, horn headbands are they influence your mind and your spirit in ways that seem subtle but can be quite destructive.

So the bitter truth is I don’t like Halloween anymore. Not because I don’t want to – because I do. But it’s because I know too much. When you pray for wisdom, God holds nothing back.

And believe me this theory goes to EVERY holiday including Christmas. So one must not take these traditional holidays lightly for the burden it can have on your life can be heavy.

So I posted all these costumes in hopes you might buy my shoes! Ya, I admit it I am a heel pusher. Whether its pumpkins or money things can distract us from what really matters, God.  I pray that you all have a safe and happy holiday. More than anything I hope you give some more thought to what I wrote and maybe forgo the Trick or Treating to maybe just giving.


3 thoughts on “Dia De Los Muertos

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  2. Interesting post – I have never looked at it this way. Thank you for broadening my view. I can understand your reasons for not celebrating Halloween – I have never celebrated it myself either, and I don’t think we are missing out on anything!

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