Thanks Billie

First let me say this, I feel horrible about the blog I wrote yesterday. Trust me I wanted to run back and erase it immediately after I posted it. It really is not my character at all. But isn’t this what this media form is about? Free speech as ugly and hurtful as it can be?

When it alls comes down to it, if it wasn’t for my business I wouldn’t blog about anything.

So I retract everything nasty I said – and will be blocking my post after I write this as to not have anything nasty about these people out there.

The owner came across my post and immediatly sent me an email:


I just came across your blog post as I was searching for any press about the store.  I feel horrible about how you must feel.  I would never have wanted you to leave having such a bad experience.  I’m absolutely heartbroken over your experience.  I could barely read your blog post, because I felt so horrible.

First of all, we should have coordinated that when you arrive, to ask for me or Karen.  Both Karen and I would have definitely wanted to meet you and we would have introduced you to our customers and friends that were at the event.  I didn’t know that you were at the store.  I had 3 girls working the event that don’t normally work at my store, they were just helping for the day, so they would not have understood properly where to direct you about being the designer of the Anniversary design.  I feel terrible about that.  I can’t make excuses as to where the communication breakdown happened, all I can say is it didn’t go at all how it should have and I understand why you would be upset or hurt.

I think the whole thing was a huge misunderstanding on so many levels and I am truly sorry you have bad feelings.  We absolutely adore your design.  We are all about supporting local artists and community.  The fact that you have bad feelings about this experience is very upsetting to me.  I wish there was something I could have done to make the whole thing have gone differently.

I would have absolutely given you a free tee and let you press your baby tee if I would have met you sooner in the event.  I was up at the register when you were paying and it was so crazy at the event and disorganized at that moment, I didn’t quite comprehend that you were the designer of the logo.  I apologize, I just was so busy, I didn’t put it all together.  Honestly, if I would have known you were at the event once you got there, this whole thing would have been different.

I was so happy when we picked your design because I loved your story about how you designed it.  I’m a mom, a very busy mom of 2 little ones and it was just a very special story to me.

I have to make this right for you!  I don’t know right now what to do, but for now, please accept my sincere apology because I would never have wanted you to have bad feelings.  Please email me back so that I know you got this email.  I would truly appreciate it.


Her apology was cleary sincere. And I take back everything I said. It was just a weird situation for everyone and it all came about wrong.

So Billie, thanks for your apology and I’m sorry for my harsh words. Meanness is so ugly.

Stay posted as I will do a post about the clothes I got and show you pictures of us wearing our shirts with my logo on it.

Check out their site: Twig & Willow


5 thoughts on “Thanks Billie

  1. I read your post yesterday as well, and I didn’t reply to it as I wasn’t sure what to answer. as you seemed pretty upset (which is understandable of course!)
    I am glad to see that it was all a misunderstanding, because it hopefully makes you feel better. I agree with holychick, I am also very impressed that you can forgive so easily. Hopefully you will still take part in many competitions – you should!

  2. Hey Roxanne,
    I read your post yesterday and while I don’t think you did anything wrong by voicing your disappointment, I am very impressed by your ability to forgive and forget. It says a lot about your character. You are definitely a class act!

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