Cash For Gold

So I appreciate the support I got for forgiving so easily. Which I did intially until I had to regurgitate this situation to my friends and family again the next day. The more I talked about it the sicker I felt. Although the lady apologized, sincerly, I still feel dead inside.

I know that sounds a little dramatic but it is true. Something about that whole situation whether it was misunderstanding or not, still does not feel right.

I feel used and abused in some way.

I’ve been working since I was 14, I own my own business. I am only 26. In retail, and really any business, customer service is number one.

So whatever the case is. Whatever this lady feels was a misunderstanding. The problem was her. I am a very sensitive person. I am hurt and that’s it.

I forgive but won’t forget.

I felt more like it was more of a lose than a win. I lost my day. My time. My energy.

I will continue to enter competitions as I know the whole world is not as ignorant as this individual was.

Again, thanks for the support it definitely lifted me up this morning.

(The title is random – from an advertisement sitting in front me)

(But in a weird way I think it apply’s)



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