Turn Me On

No I’m not talking that way.

I mean mentally.

I am starting to understand myself as a woman.

Getting to understand things that I like and things that I don’t.

My Turn On List:

1. Getting paid for being myself

2. Challenges

3. Driving alone

4. My husband being mad at me (just don’t tell him)

(because than he would be mad)

(wait, tell him)

5. Helping people

6. Shocking people

7. Gossip

8. Rebelling against what people want from me

9. Seeing others win

I’m not saying that all these are things that I necessarily want to keep on to, but they are things that I have come to accept about myself. Rather than hiding from the things that are inevitable, I want to face them. Face the things that make me who I am. To get to the root of why I handle situations the way I do. Embrace the beauty, see the dirt, and clean-up, shine up, and become that diamond that’s gleaming underneath.

These things are what stimulate me the most. These things make me perk up and come to life. Good or bad. I’ll elaborate on each one later to maybe help myself discover more of myself.

I encourage you to do the same. As a man or woman. No matter what age one continues to grow. What are your “mental” turn ons?


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