10 Minutes Success

So I recently started having a lot of lower back problems. Like litterally getting stuck and not able to go into work back problems.

This starts to happen when I start to reach a certain weight level (135 + : I’m currently 137). I am assuming that all that weight on my tiny frame is not handled very well. So I took matters into my hands and started doing some yoga & pilates.

On Monday I tried 10 Minute Solution Pilates – lucky for me I can watch it streaming on Netflix.  It helped tremedously in easing my day. I continued to try other yoga DVDs as well. I still had to take my day easy and couldn’t do any laundry.

On Tuesday I woke up with my abs so sore! I felt wonderful…I love feeling that pain and knowing that I actually accomplished something. I had muscles sore that I had no idea were there. So I went ahead and did that again in the morning and later did the exercises for flexibility in the evening, also on the same DVD. My day was much better and only had a little bit of slowing down in the evening.

This morning, I did a video from youtube: 10 Min Pilates Abs Workout. This was actually a little but easier and enjoyed it too. Feeling great so far with no back problems.

I can’t be fat if I wanted to be, I just can’t handle it. I’m happy that my body has a breaking point to let me know to get off my arse!



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