6:00 AM

Tha’ts when my day starts.

I’m a mom of two wonderful kids and a wife to an awesome dude.

I’m extremely busy, preoccupied with house, bills, family.

That was my dream and I have achieved it successfully.

And as much as I wish I had time to show off cute outfits, all the places that I’ve traveled, or the randomness fun that I have with my troop (my family) – I don’t. So I share other peoples good times.

I set a theme every week. I share jokes, qoutes, shopping, blogging, and photos that relate to said theme. Make sure you click on the images that you like or the recipes that make you drool and give some props to the originators.

I love God, I love life. I strive to live a stress free life, be healthy, strong, and beautiful.

Enjoy my blog, make sure you follow, and always remember to hit that like button if you love what I’m doing, thanks!

Bachlorette Party :: TJ, Mexico :: 2007 :: I'm the girl in the black tube top - don't ask me what we were running from.


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