Free Vicks!

Got some awesome deals at Walgreens tonight!!!!!













All the Vick’s with the yellow stickers were on clearance for that price

$4 x 2 = $8

$3 x 1 = $3

$2 x 3 = $6

Total = $17 – $3/2 x 3 = $8

Vick’s cough drops were on sale 2 for $2 = $4 – $1/1 x 4 = $0!!!

Carmex $1.50 – $1.50 Register Reward!!

GRAND TOTAL (after taxes) = $9.27


No more running out late to get expense medicine!!!

Cheap Diapers!

Last week I got the deal at Walgreen’s on the Revlon nail polish and got the $3 Register Rewards to spend on my next purchase. This week they had a Register Reward for the new huggies diapers of getting $2 back. So they were $9.49 – $3RR – $3 Huggies Coupon = $3.49 – $2 RR = $1.49!!

That was a great deal. But to be honest I don’t really like the new diapers. I thought that being able to slip-on the diapers would be easier – but I don’t find it so. After changing diapers for so long one way it’s hard to switch to another way. You have to pull them up in the back and my ring can scratch the baby. Usually you put the new diapers underneath the old diaper and you can’t do that with these. I really find these pointless. I guess they designed them for babies that move too much when you try to put on their diapers. Putting diapers on is really not that difficult.

Busy Bee

Wow! Today has been a super busy day. It’s almost over and I still have tons to do! I have to put the kids to bed, go to my friends to print something since my printer gave up on me, go to grocery store, and then spend time with the husband, ugh! I need a starbucks coffee ASAP!


Sorry this was too funny to ignore…

FYI: I absolutely hate bees!

Cheap Orajel!

Went to Walgreen’s last night and saw that they had some baby orajel on clearance for only $2 and I had a coupon for $1 off any orajel…scored it for $1!!! Those things usually retail for $8.  That was super exciting. I grabbed the deal a couple months back for some free baby teething gel but when I got home to use it I realized that it was homeopathic (which, just looked up the definition, and found out that it’s basically the same thing as a placebo – go figure, it had no effect on her in any way because she has no idea what i was doing). So as fussy as she has been the last few days the numbing orajel is working wonders!