Changes Are Good

So ladies and gents just a heads up, my little blog will be going through some minor changes in the coming days/weeks depending on my schedule.

Some people followed me for shoes, others for weight loss, and now I don’t know why you follow me, but I hope you keep coming back. Don’t feel guilty if you unfollow me, I get it.

I’m trying to sell shoes as a side gig to being mommy all day. Well shoes, make-up, and I think I might see a sewing machine in my future…think I can be as crafty as Crafty Melon?? Probably not…but a girl can dream can’t she.

Anywho, keep/start following me if you want to live…


Yay, the Pilates is working! Okay, I don’t have the flat-board tummy but I am holding my back straight and have more strength in my ‘core’. Awesome. I can even tell my sides are a little tighter – not too much flabby rolls rolling around.

I’m only doing the abs because I don’t mind the hips and butt (and neither does the hubby).

I started using Vaseline as a part of my beauty regimen. More like, it is my only beauty regimen. I started using it on the really dry spots, knees, elbows, hands, feet. I can definitely feel the difference. I use it on my face too. I am naturally a very oily person so I probably don’t need it, but hey it doesn’t hurt to do it. It doesn’t feel that great, kind of greasy, but my skin is softer and that is a plus. Next thing to start doing us use sunscreen on a regular basis, yes even these winter days. I mean it’s cold outside but my arms are still darker than everything else.

Living in California, a beautiful tan is a like gold. But listen I’m not going to be 20 something for the rest of my life. One day I will be old and I want my skin to be as healthy as it can be.


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