Seven by Seven

Award – 7 x 7 Link Award

So Pattie over at Plaid Oak hooked me up with this awesome award – 7 x 7 Link Award. I tired to track down the orgin of it, because I’m funny like that, but came to a dead end fast!

Thank You’s

First I’d like to thank God for this award because without him I wouldn’t have anything!

My husband for all his support and my beautiful children for always keeping me on my toes and being my motivation for EVERYTHING.

Now, moving on to my duties as a current award title holder…

Something You Don’t Know About Me

Three times a week I moonlight as a personal assistant.

7 Posts

I got this list from Thoughts From A Jaded Heart when I was searching who started this thing.

7 of my posts that I find most worthy:

Most Beautiful: Who I Do It All For :: Because my babies pictures are there and they are the most beautiful!

Most Helpful: Business Education :: I don’t know if this is helpful but the book I am talking about is, and I know there are a lot of businessy, self-employed, crafty makers out there that could use a little financial education.

Most Popular: Classic Kicks :: Cause who doesn’t love a nice pair of fresh chucks?

Most Controversial: Do You Think Your Cool Enough For This Crowd :: This is most controversial to me personally because it shows my mean side, which I don’t show often. I feel really bad for these people, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Most Surprisingly Successful: Slainte :: Not sure why this was so popular but that’s what my site stats say. So if you want to get your man liquored up go on and read.

Most Underrated: Ebay Scam Artists :: Because it sucks to get scammed so stay up on your game!

Most Pride Worthy: 6:00 AM :: After a couple of attempts I was finally able to describe myself perfectly without being too mushy, or too dramatic, or too lame. But anything involving TJ, Mexico has to be good, right?

7 Links

Next part is to give the award to 7 other bloggers that haven’t received yet…and the award goes to:

Complementarian Loners :: This man & woman shell out the best advice to have a good relationship. Some of what they say may cause a little controversy but it’s worth reading, you might just get something from it.

My Life :: She does a great job of telling her story with her pictures! I love it!

You Mean What I know :: A girl with an attitude in all the right places.

Steeltown Delicious :: Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese :: Do I need to say anything more?

A Life In Words :: Just a wonderful little place of cute things that make me smile daily.

Crafty Melon :: A crafty woman with wonderful cute things that you want to buy!

Shelter :: A group of people go to cool parties. I live vicariously through them.

This Is A Job

So this award feels like more of a job than an award doesn’t it? But in the world of blogging it’s all about sharing & caring. And although you don’t get to sit back and bask in the limelight but rather you have to work to try to figure out all these things to link up to. It’s all in good fun and it’s all about promoting oneself. Which, admit it, that’s what we’re all here for. Have fun dolls =X


Psalms 37:16

A little that a righteous man has [is] better than the riches of many wicked. :: New Year’s Day Mug Shots

Life is about much more than money and riches. It’s about family and love. It’s about making sacrifices for much more ‘bigger’ things, like spending time together and being silly. Enjoy your life to the fullest and don’t let what you don’t have block you from enjoying what you DO have.

Wall Lover

The second mental turn-on – Challenges.

I love a challenge.

I came to this startling realization just recenlty.

We had no money, I mean nothing, zero zilch.

We needed groceries, baby supplies.

For $1.50 I got the following:

3 cans evaporated milk


Sanitary Napkins

Baby Formula & Bread

Yeah I said $1.50

I got such a rush from being against the wall. I was so excited to see what I can do with such little money.  It was amazing and fun. It was rewarding to be successful. It was a thrill to make it out alive. With this new found understanding of myself I can embrace myself for what I am. Rather than being stuck and confused as to why I set myself for “failure”. Because I never really fail. So I don’t beat myself up anymore. I look forward to the challenge and therefore my success and enjoy the pleasure of the challange.

Life is not about being easy. I was raised to be simple, to take things slowly, to walk the path with least resistance.  But I can not learn from a path already walked on. I choose to make my own path. I choose to climb, crawl, dig, scratch, my way to whatever goal I want. Why? Because it makes me feel alive. It makes me feel like I accomplished something. I give all glory to God, but is it wrong to want to be in the trenches with him? To see what he sees. Rather than seeing one set of footsteps I want to see two. I will submit myself to his mercy when needed but if I am able bodied and mind I want to walk alongside him and endure the adversities that come up. I want to see the mayhem and encourage it with a gentle nudge that I am here to welcome it and push it out of my way.

I am not speaking of drama. Or of creating some delusions of problems that don’t exist. I want to embrace life as I move forward in it. Change with the tide. Welcome the troubles so that I can seek the refuge after it.


Pay Day

So let me go back to that “mental turn-on list” I made and go into detail about the first one I listed, there is no paticular order.

1. Getting paid for being myself.

There is nothing greater for me than knowing someone appreciates what I do. There once was a speaker I saw in highschool that said “get a job that makes you happy, a job that you want to wake up and do everyday”. Above all things that make me the happiest and what I look forward to every day is taking care of kids and being the “house manager”. Technically I don’t get paid for this, unless you consider my husband working 40 hours a week payment. Which in a sense I would consider it.

I also have my own business and do accounting on the side. I wear many hats. But I like all the hats I have. And love it more because I am happy to do it all.

I am not a person that chases money.  In my heart I know that God will always provide everything I need. (that’s also in the bible – not sure which scripture – but bug me if you really want to see it).  So I have a business and do accounting not for financial purposes but out of pleasure and to get paid for that is a bonus.

One might think that this is easier said than done. And I wouldn’t blame you, everyone always says I’m very “lucky” when it comes to money and jobs. But I say I’m blessed.

I’m blessed because I haven’t done anything but align myself with Him. And acknowledge that His will will  be done weather I approve or not – so might as well get with it than fight it.

Do you think that I can control if someone buys my shoes or not? No. I might be able to advertise, do promotions, have sales, but at the end of the day the choice is solely out of my hands. I control nothing. And knowing that truth sets me free.

Free from the bondage of thinking I need to have $100 pair of jeans to feel good about myself.

Free from thinking I need a minivan just because I have a kid and I need the “room” – I’m surviving 2 kids and a two-door coupe just fine – it sucks – but we get around.

Free from thinking that we only need to eat organic food to be healthy.

Free from feeling like I need to go out every Friday night and drop $60 on a dinner.

My life might be simple but it is full.

Full of love, passion, integrity, freedom, peace and joy.

I look at the cross and know that the most serious of sacrifices was done for me so that I can have this freedom.

So if I’m “lucky” so are you!