Seven by Seven

Award – 7 x 7 Link Award

So Pattie over at Plaid Oak hooked me up with this awesome award – 7 x 7 Link Award. I tired to track down the orgin of it, because I’m funny like that, but came to a dead end fast!

Thank You’s

First I’d like to thank God for this award because without him I wouldn’t have anything!

My husband for all his support and my beautiful children for always keeping me on my toes and being my motivation for EVERYTHING.

Now, moving on to my duties as a current award title holder…

Something You Don’t Know About Me

Three times a week I moonlight as a personal assistant.

7 Posts

I got this list from Thoughts From A Jaded Heart when I was searching who started this thing.

7 of my posts that I find most worthy:

Most Beautiful: Who I Do It All For :: Because my babies pictures are there and they are the most beautiful!

Most Helpful: Business Education :: I don’t know if this is helpful but the book I am talking about is, and I know there are a lot of businessy, self-employed, crafty makers out there that could use a little financial education.

Most Popular: Classic Kicks :: Cause who doesn’t love a nice pair of fresh chucks?

Most Controversial: Do You Think Your Cool Enough For This Crowd :: This is most controversial to me personally because it shows my mean side, which I don’t show often. I feel really bad for these people, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Most Surprisingly Successful: Slainte :: Not sure why this was so popular but that’s what my site stats say. So if you want to get your man liquored up go on and read.

Most Underrated: Ebay Scam Artists :: Because it sucks to get scammed so stay up on your game!

Most Pride Worthy: 6:00 AM :: After a couple of attempts I was finally able to describe myself perfectly without being too mushy, or too dramatic, or too lame. But anything involving TJ, Mexico has to be good, right?

7 Links

Next part is to give the award to 7 other bloggers that haven’t received yet…and the award goes to:

Complementarian Loners :: This man & woman shell out the best advice to have a good relationship. Some of what they say may cause a little controversy but it’s worth reading, you might just get something from it.

My Life :: She does a great job of telling her story with her pictures! I love it!

You Mean What I know :: A girl with an attitude in all the right places.

Steeltown Delicious :: Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese :: Do I need to say anything more?

A Life In Words :: Just a wonderful little place of cute things that make me smile daily.

Crafty Melon :: A crafty woman with wonderful cute things that you want to buy!

Shelter :: A group of people go to cool parties. I live vicariously through them.

This Is A Job

So this award feels like more of a job than an award doesn’t it? But in the world of blogging it’s all about sharing & caring. And although you don’t get to sit back and bask in the limelight but rather you have to work to try to figure out all these things to link up to. It’s all in good fun and it’s all about promoting oneself. Which, admit it, that’s what we’re all here for. Have fun dolls =X


Cash For Gold

So I appreciate the support I got for forgiving so easily. Which I did intially until I had to regurgitate this situation to my friends and family again the next day. The more I talked about it the sicker I felt. Although the lady apologized, sincerly, I still feel dead inside.

I know that sounds a little dramatic but it is true. Something about that whole situation whether it was misunderstanding or not, still does not feel right.

I feel used and abused in some way.

I’ve been working since I was 14, I own my own business. I am only 26. In retail, and really any business, customer service is number one.

So whatever the case is. Whatever this lady feels was a misunderstanding. The problem was her. I am a very sensitive person. I am hurt and that’s it.

I forgive but won’t forget.

I felt more like it was more of a lose than a win. I lost my day. My time. My energy.

I will continue to enter competitions as I know the whole world is not as ignorant as this individual was.

Again, thanks for the support it definitely lifted me up this morning.

(The title is random – from an advertisement sitting in front me)

(But in a weird way I think it apply’s)


Thanks Billie

First let me say this, I feel horrible about the blog I wrote yesterday. Trust me I wanted to run back and erase it immediately after I posted it. It really is not my character at all. But isn’t this what this media form is about? Free speech as ugly and hurtful as it can be?

When it alls comes down to it, if it wasn’t for my business I wouldn’t blog about anything.

So I retract everything nasty I said – and will be blocking my post after I write this as to not have anything nasty about these people out there.

The owner came across my post and immediatly sent me an email:


I just came across your blog post as I was searching for any press about the store.  I feel horrible about how you must feel.  I would never have wanted you to leave having such a bad experience.  I’m absolutely heartbroken over your experience.  I could barely read your blog post, because I felt so horrible.

First of all, we should have coordinated that when you arrive, to ask for me or Karen.  Both Karen and I would have definitely wanted to meet you and we would have introduced you to our customers and friends that were at the event.  I didn’t know that you were at the store.  I had 3 girls working the event that don’t normally work at my store, they were just helping for the day, so they would not have understood properly where to direct you about being the designer of the Anniversary design.  I feel terrible about that.  I can’t make excuses as to where the communication breakdown happened, all I can say is it didn’t go at all how it should have and I understand why you would be upset or hurt.

I think the whole thing was a huge misunderstanding on so many levels and I am truly sorry you have bad feelings.  We absolutely adore your design.  We are all about supporting local artists and community.  The fact that you have bad feelings about this experience is very upsetting to me.  I wish there was something I could have done to make the whole thing have gone differently.

I would have absolutely given you a free tee and let you press your baby tee if I would have met you sooner in the event.  I was up at the register when you were paying and it was so crazy at the event and disorganized at that moment, I didn’t quite comprehend that you were the designer of the logo.  I apologize, I just was so busy, I didn’t put it all together.  Honestly, if I would have known you were at the event once you got there, this whole thing would have been different.

I was so happy when we picked your design because I loved your story about how you designed it.  I’m a mom, a very busy mom of 2 little ones and it was just a very special story to me.

I have to make this right for you!  I don’t know right now what to do, but for now, please accept my sincere apology because I would never have wanted you to have bad feelings.  Please email me back so that I know you got this email.  I would truly appreciate it.


Her apology was cleary sincere. And I take back everything I said. It was just a weird situation for everyone and it all came about wrong.

So Billie, thanks for your apology and I’m sorry for my harsh words. Meanness is so ugly.

Stay posted as I will do a post about the clothes I got and show you pictures of us wearing our shirts with my logo on it.

Check out their site: Twig & Willow

Forever Mine & Yours

Hello Kitty is introducing a line at Forever 21 that will available 11/18

I love this! Who would think you could wear Hello Kitty after age 7.

I want this entire outfit minus the socks and shoes.

BTW check out Sanrio.Com when you sign up you get some awesome wallpaper and $10 credit to use towards your first purchase – no restrictions, just pay S&H! Free is always great! Enjoy!