These ladies really put some work into their hair! I am scunci enthusiastist. Minimial effort. And I’m lucky if I even get around to brushing it. At 30 inches long I know I’m lucky but honey it is a lot of maintenance for a low maintenance chick like me.

Old-Picture.Com :: Indian Hair Style

The Vespucci Family :: Dresses, brooches and hair: approaching Renaissance fashion

Haute Fashion Africa :: African Women and Their Hair :: Okinawa Soba


My Old Man :: Beefcake

Ya, they looked good back than too…

American Classic :: Tumbler

And they smoked a lot…

Vintage Inspiration

Vintage Chalkware 1950s Deer Plaque :: OnlyTheGoods :: Home Decor

Tag Heuer Black Coral on Black Mesh :: My Wrist Check :: Fashion

Vintage Man Cave Sign :: :: Home Decor

Vintage Shoe Company Harding Saddle Oxford :: :: Fashion

Please Join Us

for an evening
of cocktails and dancing
as we ring in the New Year





Vintage Inspiration:

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Glitter, Champagne & You


Blog:: Nailin' It - Wet N' Wild All In The Cut - City Triangles Sequin Strapless Dress - Blush Faux Leather Glitter Close Toe Pump Heels

Champagne - Zodax Celebration 4-Ounce Champagne Flutes, Set of 6

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^ This can be you if you don’t take down your xmas decorations and tell people to wear ugly sweaters ^

Blog:: My Life - Shopping, Salads, and Tequila

^ That’s all I need for a merry new year. ^

Blog:: Shelter - Party Like It's 1984

 ^ Vodka + Champagne + Hair Metal Party = Good Times ^