Yay, the Pilates is working! Okay, I don’t have the flat-board tummy but I am holding my back straight and have more strength in my ‘core’. Awesome. I can even tell my sides are a little tighter – not too much flabby rolls rolling around.

I’m only doing the abs because I don’t mind the hips and butt (and neither does the hubby).

I started using Vaseline as a part of my beauty regimen. More like, it is my only beauty regimen. I started using it on the really dry spots, knees, elbows, hands, feet. I can definitely feel the difference. I use it on my face too. I am naturally a very oily person so I probably don’t need it, but hey it doesn’t hurt to do it. It doesn’t feel that great, kind of greasy, but my skin is softer and that is a plus. Next thing to start doing us use sunscreen on a regular basis, yes even these winter days. I mean it’s cold outside but my arms are still darker than everything else.

Living in California, a beautiful tan is a like gold. But listen I’m not going to be 20 something for the rest of my life. One day I will be old and I want my skin to be as healthy as it can be.


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10 Minutes Success

So I recently started having a lot of lower back problems. Like litterally getting stuck and not able to go into work back problems.

This starts to happen when I start to reach a certain weight level (135 + : I’m currently 137). I am assuming that all that weight on my tiny frame is not handled very well. So I took matters into my hands and started doing some yoga & pilates.

On Monday I tried 10 Minute Solution Pilates – lucky for me I can watch it streaming on Netflix.  It helped tremedously in easing my day. I continued to try other yoga DVDs as well. I still had to take my day easy and couldn’t do any laundry.

On Tuesday I woke up with my abs so sore! I felt wonderful…I love feeling that pain and knowing that I actually accomplished something. I had muscles sore that I had no idea were there. So I went ahead and did that again in the morning and later did the exercises for flexibility in the evening, also on the same DVD. My day was much better and only had a little bit of slowing down in the evening.

This morning, I did a video from youtube: 10 Min Pilates Abs Workout. This was actually a little but easier and enjoyed it too. Feeling great so far with no back problems.

I can’t be fat if I wanted to be, I just can’t handle it. I’m happy that my body has a breaking point to let me know to get off my arse!


Snickers Is The Devil

Okay, so I think you can figure out that my diet is out the window. Not that I have given up or anything just a temporary hiatus. Ah, who am I kidding. I love food – more specifically I love chocolate! I haven’t had chocolate in days and that first bite into that beautiful snickers bar was like I just took a bite out of heaven.

Alright, so eating in small portions I can do. Choose a piece of fruit over soda I can do (most the time). My main problem is exercise. No I am not one of those people who hates exercising. I actually enjoy it very much. And the more invigorating and painful, the better. My problem is how do I get started? When do I get started?

Problem #1 (excuse #1): I am busy all day with the kids.  I only have a one sitter stroller at the moment. (I scour craigslist for a good double jogger stroller all the time.)

Problem #2 (excuse #2): The hubby likes me to hang out with him in the evenings. Granted, he wouldn’t die if I left for an hour or two – but I feel so bad.

Problem #3 (excuse #3): It’s dark outside. I can’t (don’t want to) spend the money on a Gym pass right now. I love going to a high-school a city over and running on the race track – but it’s getting dark sooner now – and what if I get attacked?!

Please, any abuse slash criticism that can kick me into high gear is much appreciated. Ya, I just gave you permission to make me feel bad!!

PS – I literally just finished that snickers bar (I ate half while I was making my lunch and was saving the rest for later.) Get thee behind me satan!

Okay, I googled snickers image andsince I’ve been doing costumes all week I thought I would continue the theme.

If I saw you at a party wearing this don’t be surprised if you saw me with my arms out like a zombie, drooling, and saying snniicccckkkkeerrssss.

Oh Ya!

I’m supposed to be on a diet right? Don’t think I ate that good the last couple of days…i.e. muffins with butter, pasta with velveta cheese plus a handful of regular cheese, anyone know how many points malt liquor is? Yeah, I like some old e on occasion.

Read Leslie’s last post (32 to Thin) and here is my version…

The last time I felt good physically was a year and a half ago…

I'm on the left...see my face skinny...

Than I got pregnant

That was scary!

 Than the stork dropped off my bundle of joy.

I had the baby but kept the fat =/

My hubby is super awesome and loves the way I look. And that’s great but above it all I don’t feel good. I can be a pretty vain person. Nothing more I love than getting a great compliment. I think one must take care of themselves physically so that the whole person can be good. I mean if your overweight and tired it can block progress of other things. By the way my church has an awesome thing going on about losing weight right now…check out the Daniel Plan. (I should probably check it out too, haha <– one must heed their own advice, right?)

Getting out of a rut is very important. I think I have been doing a pretty good thing of that lately…can I get stuck in the out of a rut rut? Ha!

Have a good day and eat a carrot instead of a cracker =D