Oh Ya!

I’m supposed to be on a diet right? Don’t think I ate that good the last couple of days…i.e. muffins with butter, pasta with velveta cheese plus a handful of regular cheese, anyone know how many points malt liquor is? Yeah, I like some old e on occasion.

Read Leslie’s last post (32 to Thin) and here is my version…

The last time I felt good physically was a year and a half ago…

I'm on the left...see my face skinny...

Than I got pregnant

That was scary!

 Than the stork dropped off my bundle of joy.

I had the baby but kept the fat =/

My hubby is super awesome and loves the way I look. And that’s great but above it all I don’t feel good. I can be a pretty vain person. Nothing more I love than getting a great compliment. I think one must take care of themselves physically so that the whole person can be good. I mean if your overweight and tired it can block progress of other things. By the way my church has an awesome thing going on about losing weight right now…check out the Daniel Plan. (I should probably check it out too, haha <– one must heed their own advice, right?)

Getting out of a rut is very important. I think I have been doing a pretty good thing of that lately…can I get stuck in the out of a rut rut? Ha!

Have a good day and eat a carrot instead of a cracker =D