Yay For Free Samples

The other day I got an ad from Macy’s and it included all these yummy samples of perfumes…my desk smells delicious!

The man one smells like a regular man. The ladies has a nice sweet citrusy twist to it. Combined equals the picture on the right…yummy!

Smells pretty normal too. When I first smelled it I loved it a lot and rubbed it all over me so the smell is kind of gone. But it’s good.

I really really liked this one. It definitely has a slight purple grape smell to it. A small note but I really enjoy it. Kind of old ladish but with an upgrade…or maybe I’m just getting old and I like it. Ha!

I don’t like this one at all. The sample has this one and “fresh”. Fresh is better of the two but it just remind me of deodorant. Pass.

I thought this one would be good, but it was blah. Reminds me of a smell that you would smell when you walked into a luxury luggage store. Pass, again.