Rockin’ Around

Riot Heels - Jacklyn Boots

How will you be celebrating today? Whatever it is pretty lady make sure you have fun and stay sexy!

Party like a rock star:

Annual Girls Christmas Party (just another excuse to have some mommy time)

Christmas Time In The City (because where else would it be?)

Party On, Wayne! (light up sweaters, sprinkled covered popcorn, ho ho punch – need I say more?)

Hot Cocoa

It’s getting cold here in Southern California and I love it! But that means it’s time to put away the rompers  and sandals and pull out the cardigans and boots. It’s nice and gloomy this afternoon, perfect for some hot cocoa – I’ve given up coffee, mainly because I am either preggers or nursing.  I had a cup the other day and felt incredibly jittery…but I digress.

This cardigan by Twelfth Street looks like it would get the job done, that is the job of keeping me warm and snuggy wuggy.

I mean I wouldn’t pay so much for this coat but you get the idea.

Keep the black shirt and black leggings and just add some boots…

And how about a Michael Kors satchel…I’ll have one in EVERY color please.