Love’s Testimony

I just read a post from one of my favorite bloggers HolyChick – How Do you Know When You’ve Met The One. And it really inspired me to talk on the subject a little more.

My response to her post was basically – don’t worry about how much faith a man has at the time that you meet him but rather how much love he has to offer.

But I think I have a better way to put it into perspective.

Don’t worry about how much faith the man has but rather how much faith YOU have in God and that he will deliever.

Me and my husband were not at all the people you would meet today. If you had a glimpse into my life right now and a peek at who I was 10 years ago – you would say that can’t be the same person. But what both of us had before we met was a relationship with God. We may have ignored him most the time, did very little praying, consumed too many drugs to focus on His desires for our life, but we believed in Him. And in our hearts we wanted to be good people, in our hearts we wanted a happy family. I think we did everything we could to go against what we have today. But we were God’s children and he refused to let us fail. He did let us stray as hard as we tried.

True love is incredibly awesome. Our relationship never fails to amaze me. And we owe it all to God. I can go on and on and on about this subject and our relationship. I have a testimony for every day of our marriage, but I won’t bore you with the details. Because God will shine where ever you call him to be.  Everyday has not been perfect – no relationship ever will be. I almost single handily destroyed our marriage in the beginning (the enemy will get to you when you least expect it). But through prayer we survived! We survived and live to talk about it.

Love is great!

Let me know if you have any questions or need some advice and please share your own testimony…

Luke 7:47

In order to strap myself with the right weaponery to defend my self from the evil one I will be memorizing one scripture every week. I will then write here from memory.

Week of September 5th –

Luke 7:47

Therefore I tell you, that all her many sins have been forgiven for she loved much. But he who has been forgiven little loves little.

While I was at the lake this past weekend I meditated on this. The awesome thing about this word is that we should all be filled with so much love because we all sin everyday. One sin is not greater then the other. It is the person who can be honest with themselves and others about all their sins that will really get this word. The man who chooses to deny all his shortcomings will love the lord little because he believes that he has done nothing wrong and therefore he is only forgiven what he chooses to confess. You can not “choose” what you will be forgiven for. Just because you don’t want to admit your mistakes does not mean they do not exist. Everyday surrender yourself to his grace and mercy will be shown.

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My House Is Our Classroom

So, in the mornings before my husband goes to work we all get together and he prays for us. My son always wants to participate but of course he doesn’t know what to say. He just mumbles a lot and then says


Super cute but I really want him to know how to pray so I found a little one this morning that I know will be easy for him to memorize and say.

Jesus, help me through this day

In my work and in my play

Both to love and to obey.  Amen.

That prayer is so simple yet so profound. And even though this prayer was written for children under 8 it can really apply to an adult as well. It brought a tear to my eye and  my prayer is that one day his sweet young mind can grasp the magnitude of this simple prayer.

Standing Tall

Church today was a complete confirmation that I am on the right track. Yeah, I am messing up a lot with my business. I have a lot to learn. And a few more hills to climb. But there is only one set of footprints in the sand right now, and for that I am grateful.  Without risk there is no reward. Without hell there is no heaven. So I’m embracing my sad current situation and lifting it up to Him. I stand proud on the shaky ground below confident that He will catch me. Praise God!


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So what do I stand for?

My motto: Stand up for something and look good doing it.

So what do I stand for?

The advancement of our society and the progression of our “race”.

I don’t care about animals, sorry people. Yeah I feel bad for them when they are abused and what have you but they are just animals, you know that right? They were put here for our survival not for us to protect them from ourselves. Yeah it sucks when they get killed to make clothes and stuff but I think teaching our kids and helping each other advance is more important. Stop fighting and start working together.

I have sympathy for everyone in all situations. I believe that we are products of our environments. We are thrown into a world which our parents (and the people that they bring into our lives, dr’s, teachers etc.) are the main focus and examples. Adults have issues sometimes and they pass those things down to us. And sometimes we learn to change and grow and sometimes we get stuck repeating those same things.  I believe that we can be free of all this “junk” through (yes I am a Jesus freak) our lord thy god (year 1) . Extend your hand with your heart in it and pass some knowledge. Talk and engage one another.

I am not talking about letting people walk all over you. I am not talking about being gullible and believing every Tom, Dick, and Harry. We need to restore balance in our society.

But if everything was perfect it would be heaven wouldn’t it? Then what would be the point.

But I progress.

I also hate politics – I am sick and tired of people turning to the government for mistakes that people make. They can not control and stop harmful things happening. It all starts in the home.  Shit happens – deal with it!


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