Forever Mine & Yours

Hello Kitty is introducing a line at Forever 21 that will available 11/18

I love this! Who would think you could wear Hello Kitty after age 7.

I want this entire outfit minus the socks and shoes.

BTW check out Sanrio.Com when you sign up you get some awesome wallpaper and $10 credit to use towards your first purchase – no restrictions, just pay S&H! Free is always great! Enjoy!

Party Over

So went through the Macy’s catalog/sales flyer – and it failed. There was nothing in there worth talking about. The shoes were all horrible and the clothes were as bland as can be.

On a brighter note, I just finished watching Project Runaway and was absolutely ecstatic when Anya Ayoung-Chee won! That girl is my style icon – and as you know I wanted to get my haircut just like hers. I still do but my hate of hearing the buzz of clippers keeps me at a distance.

She does great work!


Sempi Fi

“The camouflage utility coat will be worn outside the trousers. Sleeves may be rolled up at the option of local commanders. When authorized, utility sleeves will be rolled with the inside out, forming a roll about three inches wide, and terminating at a point about two inches above the elbow. ”

Sad face, these hot boys can no longer roll their sleeves up. The marines view rolling up of the sleeves as a sign of pride, something that makes them different than all the other services.

Too bad boys and girls…

Story from ABC




Hot Cocoa

It’s getting cold here in Southern California and I love it! But that means it’s time to put away the rompers  and sandals and pull out the cardigans and boots. It’s nice and gloomy this afternoon, perfect for some hot cocoa – I’ve given up coffee, mainly because I am either preggers or nursing.  I had a cup the other day and felt incredibly jittery…but I digress.

This cardigan by Twelfth Street looks like it would get the job done, that is the job of keeping me warm and snuggy wuggy.

I mean I wouldn’t pay so much for this coat but you get the idea.

Keep the black shirt and black leggings and just add some boots…

And how about a Michael Kors satchel…I’ll have one in EVERY color please.



Just got the September issue of Vogue last night. I was pleased but not thrilled. Ralph Lauren was just depressing, the shoes were not original and the ads were just so dated. Now, my new lover, Christian Louboutin was glamorous, these heels just have my heart! Warning the CL website is weird – I would think that with such a great designer their site would be a little more fantasy not so gypsy. I’m sure most of their clientele do not purchase the shoes online. And Please do not get me started on Target! You can not convince me that matching my dress to my pillows, my blanket, my curtains is anything but wrong.

Oh and on another note – Jude Law’s son (which I had no idea existed) is super handsome!