My husband the wonderful genius that he is decided to totally cancel our cable service. Now some might be quick to say it must be financial, the cable must have been disconnected. And I would understand that…we’ve gone a few days (maybe weeks) with a small disruption in our service. But no this experiment was not at all financially driven (although saving that 100 bucks doesn’t hurt). Really I don’t know where it came from but basically we can watch tv for free. I never actually watch “live” tv anymore anyways because im always so busy. The DVR had become my besties! But what’s the point of that when I can just go to and watch all my wonderful housewives tear each other to pieces there, and at the same time chill in my bed rather then the living room.

Not only do we not watch tv anymore but my son no longer watches and I no longer rely on it. Yes, I became that mommy that uses tv as a babysitter. No I am not ashamed, I’m busy! Now I must entertain my boy and all his random gibber jabs and find ways to do what I have to do and keep him occupied as well. But alas! There is the dear old friend the DVD player, he has come to lend a helping hand for when your really bored or children whom are¬†extremely¬†tired but REFUSE to take a nap.

Things we did today without the use of television –

1. Got out of bed at 6AM

2. Cooked breakfast, with my little helper next to me.

3.Blogged, twitted, tumbled, and fell.

4. Played in the pool outside.

5. Enjoyed lunch with Victor.

6.Made little Grace laugh really really hard!

7.Made pancakes (cupcakes)!

And tomorrow will be a totally awesome day…and very busy and hopefully I find the time to blog about it.