Leader Of The Pack

Show them who’s the boss!

Riot Heels - Licorice Leopard

Love Leopard!

Forever Unique – Leopard Dress (so pretty!) (asos.com)

Juicy Couture ‘Her Royal Highness – Daydreamer’ Tote (my next purse)  (nordstrom.com)

Betsy Johnson Watch, Women’s Leopard Print Leather Strap (keep track of time) (macys.com

Fendi – Double Forever Logo Plastic Square Sunglaess (stay out that sun) (saksfifthavenue.com)

Super Stoked

Yesterday I won a contest for a store in Long Beach called Twig & Willow. They will be featuring my design logo on their T-shirts. I am so thrilled that they chose my picture. It was really a random occurance. One evening, my babies were asleep, the husband was out. And I had some time to myself to enjoy some nice music and a glass of wine when I stumbled upon this contest on Facebook. I took a poke around their page and site and was inspired to draw something. About an hour later I was done, scanned it, and emailed it. Really thinking I had no chance of winning this thing but it sure was awesome to draw again.

Can’t wait to go to their 2 year Anniversary party! 

BTW I get a $150 gift certificate…here are some things from their Facebook that I like so far…