Hunger & Poverty

So in attempt to help the world, I have added a widget to my page to donate to an organization that helps feed hungry children.  I haven’t done any research on these people or their company so I can’t state any opinion that I have on them.

When I get the opportunity I will be looking more in depth into other organizations and then chose the one which I feel would be right for me.

When everything is said and done I want my brand to have done something with itself. Money is as light as a feather. One blow and it’s out of your hands. As much as I want this thing to be successful and flourish into an awesome company so I can be successful, I want to return my blessings back to my community.

WWW.RIOTHEELS.COM – Stand up for something and look good doing it. 

I See An Escalade In My Future

Ugh. Smh. Fml. I need my own car.  I  need a big car. I need my own big car!

I had a vision once that I was driving a big black SUV. Was it a dream or will Jesus make it so. We will have to see. Becky was in the passenger seat though, holla! And I had my nails did.



Today I Did Not Participate

I was in a grumpy mood, and probably still am. But I’m looking forward to going out today, not for anything special just grocery shopping. I have been doing some couponing and should be able to get a lot for $10 and I am looking forward to that.

I will be going to LA next week. Hopefully, I can convince my mom to go down there on Wednesday morning. Otherwise, I will have to wait for my car to get repaired this saturday.

Today has just been a big pity party for me and I seriously hate these kinds of moods. Nothing a little prayer can’t heal though.

Went online on Friday and looked at some wholesalers for shoes and saw some really great ones. I’m just hoping that I can score some in DTLA for a little less. Right now I’m just going to start off small. I was planning to start selling at the swapmeet but unfortunately that is going to have to wait for a minute. I will invest a little money each month and hope to get some sells through the internet. I was thinking about putting up some flyers in my neighborhood too. Free shipping, hand delivery! Haha.