My Old Man :: Beefcake

Ya, they looked good back than too…

American Classic :: Tumbler

And they smoked a lot…

Vintage Inspiration

Vintage Chalkware 1950s Deer Plaque :: OnlyTheGoods :: Home Decor

Tag Heuer Black Coral on Black Mesh :: My Wrist Check :: Fashion

Vintage Man Cave Sign :: :: Home Decor

Vintage Shoe Company Harding Saddle Oxford :: :: Fashion

Forever Mine & Yours

Hello Kitty is introducing a line at Forever 21 that will available 11/18

I love this! Who would think you could wear Hello Kitty after age 7.

I want this entire outfit minus the socks and shoes.

BTW check out Sanrio.Com when you sign up you get some awesome wallpaper and $10 credit to use towards your first purchase – no restrictions, just pay S&H! Free is always great! Enjoy!

Super Stoked

Yesterday I won a contest for a store in Long Beach called Twig & Willow. They will be featuring my design logo on their T-shirts. I am so thrilled that they chose my picture. It was really a random occurance. One evening, my babies were asleep, the husband was out. And I had some time to myself to enjoy some nice music and a glass of wine when I stumbled upon this contest on Facebook. I took a poke around their page and site and was inspired to draw something. About an hour later I was done, scanned it, and emailed it. Really thinking I had no chance of winning this thing but it sure was awesome to draw again.

Can’t wait to go to their 2 year Anniversary party! 

BTW I get a $150 gift certificate…here are some things from their Facebook that I like so far…

Party Over

So went through the Macy’s catalog/sales flyer – and it failed. There was nothing in there worth talking about. The shoes were all horrible and the clothes were as bland as can be.

On a brighter note, I just finished watching Project Runaway and was absolutely ecstatic when Anya Ayoung-Chee won! That girl is my style icon – and as you know I wanted to get my haircut just like hers. I still do but my hate of hearing the buzz of clippers keeps me at a distance.

She does great work!


Sexy Halloween

Guess who has a Halloween Costume line? That’s right my favorite girl from the Girls Next Door, Bridget…here are some highlights from the line. Click on the images to link to the buying site.  And of course I’ve matched up some heels for you 😉 Happy Halloween!