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Okay, so maybe that was only two X’s but I had to get you to read this post somehow right?

And for us ladies…


Just got the September issue of Vogue last night. I was pleased but not thrilled. Ralph Lauren was just depressing, the shoes were not original and the ads were just so dated. Now, my new lover, Christian Louboutin was glamorous, these heels just have my heart! Warning the CL website is weird – I would think that with such a great designer their site would be a little more fantasy not so gypsy. I’m sure most of their clientele do not purchase the shoes online. And Please do not get me started on Target! You can not convince me that matching my dress to my pillows, my blanket, my curtains is anything but wrong.

Oh and on another note – Jude Law’s son (which I had no idea existed) is super handsome!


My Amy Winehouse

So in honor of my dearly departed Amy Winehouse I was thinking about getting some ballet slippers too. I love them frankly. I think they look super cute with a pair of leggings. But doesn’t seem like they are easy to find for wholesale. I will contiunue to search.