Babies Menu

A medley of pureed deliciousness!

Make sure to click on the links for more information about those foods =]

First I made white peaches with oatmeal.

  1. Cut an X on one side of the peach
  2. Put an inch of water in a pot and place the X side down
  3. Bring it to a boil and let it steam until tender – I found out this takes a while. When I cut it I realized that only a little layer was tender. The skin came off very easily and the center was still cold from the fridge. I would estimate about a good 10 to 15 min. would be a good cooking time.
  4. Then I pureed it in the Magic Bullet and mixed it with some Gerber Oatmeal – the baby loved it! It was really sweet and fresh.


  1. I just boiled some frozen peas for awhile until tender and pureed them and mixed it with some Gerber Chicken with Chicken gravy…that was another winner.

Spinach and Pasta

This one I was a little nervous about but she ate it up too!

  1. Steamed some frozen spinach, I seasoned with a half a pinch of garlic powder, a pinch of onion powder, and a half a pinch of poultry seasoning (<- my secret ingredient for everything…ssshh)
  2. Boiled the pasta – as usual when I make pasta with olive oil and some salt.
  3. I pureed the spinach first to a beautifully bright green mush (yuck)
  4. Then I added the pasta to the spinach but the bullet got a little stuck so I poured half of the mix into a bowl and poured some water into what was left (do not mix the spinach water to it, click here to find out more). Once I did that it pureed very good. There were very small chunks of pasta but the baby did just fine (I have passed on a very strong gag reflex down to my children so eating chunky foods can be quite the task for them when they are young).
  5. I also added a little bit of tomato sauce that was leftover from the pasta I was making for dinner to add a little bit of sweetness – it was a little bland tasting but not nasty at all. It actually smelled really good very similar to pesto sauce.


My Amy Winehouse

So in honor of my dearly departed Amy Winehouse I was thinking about getting some ballet slippers too. I love them frankly. I think they look super cute with a pair of leggings. But doesn’t seem like they are easy to find for wholesale. I will contiunue to search.


Today I Did Not Participate

I was in a grumpy mood, and probably still am. But I’m looking forward to going out today, not for anything special just grocery shopping. I have been doing some couponing and should be able to get a lot for $10 and I am looking forward to that.

I will be going to LA next week. Hopefully, I can convince my mom to go down there on Wednesday morning. Otherwise, I will have to wait for my car to get repaired this saturday.

Today has just been a big pity party for me and I seriously hate these kinds of moods. Nothing a little prayer can’t heal though.

Went online on Friday and looked at some wholesalers for shoes and saw some really great ones. I’m just hoping that I can score some in DTLA for a little less. Right now I’m just going to start off small. I was planning to start selling at the swapmeet but unfortunately that is going to have to wait for a minute. I will invest a little money each month and hope to get some sells through the internet. I was thinking about putting up some flyers in my neighborhood too. Free shipping, hand delivery! Haha.


Apples and Oranges

I just found an interesting book about marketing to women. Should be helpful, I will be reading throughout the day…and it will probably take a me awhile to finish (if it continues to captivate me) seeing as I have a million billion other things to do.








I got a lot on my plate these days…but I’m looking forward to the future.